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Frequently Asked Questions

How many times do you run each day?

The Ferry runs at different times each day. For timetable information please choose one of the following

  1. Phillip Island
  2. French Island
  3. Seal Rocks

Where do we get tickets for the ferry?

For people departing from the Mornington Peninsula tickets are available at the Stony Point kiosk. For those of you departing from Phillip Island tickets are available on board the vessel.

I have a child, what ticket do I need?

Children under 4 years travel free(Does not include Seal Rocks). A child ticket is available for children aged 4 to 12.

Who is entitled to a concession ticket?

Student Concession Application Forms are available from staffed Train Stations, the Met Shop, selected Bus Depots, your school's administration office and by calling 131 638 for further information.

Where does the Ferry depart from?

The Ferry departs from Stony Point Jetty on the Mornington Peninsula, Tankerton Jetty French Island and Cowes Jetty on Phillip Island.

Do the ferries meet with trains and buses?

Our timetable matches up with the V-line train service for most runs. If the train is running late or the ferry is running late both services keep the other informed and your second connecting service will wait for you. For more information on train timetables please visit Metro Trains.

Do I need to book?

Bookings are not required for groups less than 30 people. However, if you are wanting to take a group of 30 or more, you may be eligible for a group discount. Please contact us for more information.

Does the ferry run in all types of weather?

The ferry runs 365 days a year although it is subject to weather conditions. The tidal variation in Western Port Bay and the weather and sea conditions in this area can make operations difficult. For this reason it is not possible to guarantee operation of the ferry in all weather conditions in the interest of ensuring passenger safety. In addition some passengers may have difficulty boarding or disembarking the ferry. Passengers are encouraged to make enquiries beforehand on telephone no 0408 553 136 if they require further information.

What times does the ferry run on public holidays?

If a public holiday falls on a weekday, the ferry will run according to saturday's timetable. For more information on Victorian public holidays.

Where is Stony Point?

Stony Point is about 5km from Hastings Map Ref. 195 F5

Where can I get a timetable?

For timetable information please choose one of the following

  1. Phillip Island
  2. French Island
  3. Seal Rocks

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